Radar Sensor / BSD

Our first Radar sensor is developed for BSD application, which is tested in several OEMs. The 77GHz Radar sensor has good performance in the distance measurement.

Radar Sensor / ACC / AEB

ACC and AEB becomes the basic function in the CNCap standard. The most challenge development in ACC is the antenna design, which should be able to separate cars in the different lanes.

Cascade MIMO Radar

Cascade MIMO Radar provides the opportunity of increasing Radar Aperture, which makes the angular measurement with very high resolution.


Software and Hardware Engineering

We can provide both software and hardware engineering in Radar sensor development and evaluation of reference design.

Prototyping of Radar Sensor development and autonomous driving

We can provide solution of specified Radar sensor design, including antenna design, radar raw signal processing, beam forming, multi object tracking, etc. Sensor data fusion and machine learning, cloud computing are also our competence in autonomous driving.


Production and Expo

We are to show our new generation Radar sensor in 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. Please visit our booth.