Radar Sensor / Integration

Our automotive Radar sensor is developed for different applications, like BSD, AEB, RCTA, LCA etc.

An autonomous driving car is equiped with camera, Lidar and Radar sensors. An function simulation is required for sensor selection and system integration.

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Data Fusion / Perception

Environment is reconstructed by different sensor data. Object confidence is deduced by these overlapped sensor data information. Machine Learning will be applied in this step.

Furthermore, the Localization and HD map are calculated based on GPS and IMU data, as well as available public map data.

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Function / Decision

Autonomous driving has 5 levels. L5 is defined as full automated driving, which always have different functions, where AEB, ACC, BSD will be treated as basic module.

Actuator is done by CAN Bus system, where the command is sent to control Gas, Brake, and Throttle, as well as steering.

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Main Radar Sensor Products

Security and Surveilence

  • People tracking
  • People counting
  • Traffic monitoring

Drone Safety

  • Altimeter
  • 360 Degree Obstacle Avoidance System

Automotive Radar

  • AEB
  • BSD
  • RCTA
  • LCA

Other industrial applications

  • Smart home
  • Smart city parking
  • Parking lots detection

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